"Mother" (Mother Earth) Original Artwork
  • "Mother" (Mother Earth) Original Artwork

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    16" x 20" Professional-grade acrylic paint on gesso primed canvas. Varnish-sealed with a gloss finish.


    "Mother" pays homage to our Mother Earth. I experienced a lot of growth with this piece because I painted so many things I never had before. 🕊🐌🦋🐝🌺🍃🦚 I wouldn't normally leave the blue and green negative space alone but her hair and face are so detailed I think it would look busy and distract from my subject. This painting includes 1 snail, 1 bird, 2 bees, 5 butterflies, 3 leaves, 3 feathers, 1 peacock feather, 1 dandelion, and lots of flowers! Don't you just love her?!

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